Gutter Protection



This product will be purchased at your local home depot or lows, and will be installed for $4-$5 a foot comes with the Gutter Guru 5 year warranty. This product will keep large debris such as leaves and sticks from clogging the gutters and down spouts.

Better aka Gutter RX

Better aka Gutter RX

This product must be purchased from an aluminum supplier. It will be installed for $9-$10 a foot come with the Gutter Guru 5 year warranty and a 20 year manufacturer warranty. (You must register online for the manufactures warranty) this product will keep out large and medium size debris such as seeds and pine needles from blocking the flow in Gutters and downspouts.

Best, Leaf Blaster Pro

this is only available at a handful of aluminum suppliers. It will be installed for $14-$15 a foot. It comes with the Gutter Guru 5 year warranty and a 40 year manufacturer warranty ( you must register online for the manufacturer warranty) This is a fine wire mesh designed for self cleaning it will keep even the smallest bits of debris out of your Gutters and downspouts, great for French drains and any other underground system.

All gutter guards can cause icicle formations in freezing climates

*See FAQ and Install Guide for full details.

If you live in an area that is prone to freezing, the following issues can occur with any gutter guard.

Icicles & Ice Dams
Icicles and ice dams may form on your gutter during freezing conditions. Ice dams can cause water to leak back into your home. Icicles can break and cause serious bodily harm and injury. Properly installed, operated and maintained heating elements on your roof and gutter can melt icicles and ice dams. Use a local licensed electrical contractor in good standing for installing any heating element products.

Now Melting
Snow melt may result in water runoff from your roof which can refreeze on the ground below creating a potential slipping hazard.